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In some contact centers, where both phone calls and digital messaging channels are in place, it could help see the full status of the contact center in one place. This way, phonecalls are reflected in our dashboard and reports.

Here we'll guide you in creating a ticket and adding phone call started and ended events.

First, we need to create a ticket with the appropriate data.

  • protocolType - "PhoneCall"
  • identifier - the customer's phone number
  • getAvailableUser=false. The ticket will be assigned to the token's user
"field1": "The great gig in the sky",
"participants": [
"name": "David Gilmour",
"protocolType": "PhoneCall",
"identifier": "12025550846",
"type": "Client"
"getAvailableUser" : false

Now that we've created a ticket add a record the phone call has started.

We can do it by using the started endpoint. We need to use the ticket's id, which we get from the create ticket's response. We can set the phone call start date time by providing it, in cases we won't, phone call start date time will be set to the current date time.

"dateTime": "24/12/2020 11:20:00:22"

Now we can add the audio link reference if we have one. The audio file is the recording of the phone call. Use the audio-link endpoint. Notice that the audio format should be a supported format for playing it on the browser.

"audioUri": ""

Let's wrap up with the ended endpoint, which means that the conversation has ended.

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