Troubleshooting Instagram Account Linking

This article covers basic steps that you should check if you're having trouble adding or reconnecting an Instagram Business profile.

Warning: You have to be the Admin of the Facebook page connected to your Instagram Business profile to post; Editor access is not sufficient.

The User Doesn't Have Two-Factor Authentication Enabled:

Note: The error message "The account owner has disabled access to Instagram direct messages" usually indicates that the user can't send direct messages.
Check If User Has Two Factor Authentication Enabled:
  1. Go to
  2. In Settings, Click on Users > People.
  3. In the User List, select the <User> trying to connect to the Instagram account.
Note: If two-factor authentication is not enabled contact the user and instruct them to turn on two-factor authentication.
Enable Two Factor Authentication: (Via Instagram App)
  1. I Settings, click Security.
  2. I How You Get Login Codes, click on the toggle of the desired method and follow the prompts.

Enable Instagram Messaging Connections Across Apps:

  1. In Settings, click on Privacy > Messages.
  2. In the Connected Tools section, toggle on Allow Access to Messages.
Tip: For more details click here.

The User Has Partial Access:

  1. Go to
  2. In Settings, Click on Users > People.
  3. In the User List, select the <User logged in via Glassix> to connect the Instagram account.
  4. Enable the following permissions:
  • Publish content.
  • Community Activity.
  • Send Messages.

Instagram Account Type:

There are three types of Instagram accounts: Personal, Business and Creator.

These account types are organized into two categories: personal and professional.

The Personal account type has no analytics or API access.

Business and Creator account types are organized under the title of professional accounts.

Comments and Mentions

Instagram Direct Messaging







Note: For more information on Instagram Account Types, and choosing the right one for you check: Instagram Account Types: Which Is Right for You
Warning: The error message "The user is not an Instagram Business" usually indicates that the Instagram account type is not a business. Please see this page to ensure you have a business account.

Review Connection on Facebook

When the Instagram account is initially connected to a Facebook page, Facebook may require you to review the connection before using other third-party applications.

  1. Go to
  2. In Settings, Click on Instagram.
  3. In the Review Account Connection banner, Click on Review Connection and follow the prompts.

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