Troubleshooting Instagram account linking

This article covers basic steps that you should check if you're having trouble adding or reconnecting an Instagram Business profile.

You have to be the Admin of the Facebook page connected to your Instagram Business profile to post; Editor access is not sufficient.

The user has no two-factor authentication enabled

The error message "The account owner has disabled access to Instagram direct messages" usually indicates that the user can't send direct messages.

Go to and click on the user that logged in via Glassix to connect the Instagram account.

If two-factor authentication is enabled, ensure that the user trying to connect the Instagram account has two-factor authentication set up.

Enable Instagram messaging connections across apps

More details here.

The user has partial access

Go to and click on the user that logged in via Glassix to connect the Instagram account.

Make sure that all the following permissions are enabled.

Instagram Account Type

There are three types of Instagram accounts, organized into two categories: personal and professional.

The personal account type has no analytics or API access.

Instagram groups the other two account types—business and creator—under the title of professional accounts.

Comments and Mentions

Instagram Direct Messaging







Change Your Instagram Account Type

The error message "The user is not an Instagram Business" usually indicates that the Instagram account type is not a business but a creator. Please see this page to ensure you have a business account.

Make sure that your Instagram account type is business and not a creator or personal.

To see what type of Instagram account you currently have, go to your Instagram profile (using the Instagram app and not the web browser) and tap on the three-line button in the upper-right corner. Next, go to Settings and scroll down to the Account option.

Once you’re in the Account menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you’ll see the option to switch your account type.

Check the review connection on Facebook

When the Instagram account is initially connected to a Facebook page, Facebook may require you to review the connection before using other third-party applications.

To do this, please go to the business page on Facebook, select Settings > Instagram.

If you see the 'Review Account Connection' banner, select the 'Review Connection' button and follow the prompts.

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