Adding Dynamic parameters to conversational flows

What are Dynamic parameters?

Dynamic parameters are a set of variable which are unique for each flow, determined by you and can hold information which could come from an external source (see Web-API) or client input.

Using Dynamic parameters

To add a Dynamic parameter to your conversational flow or edit the existing ones you will need to open the dedicated modal. You can do this in one of two ways:

1.Click on the "Dynamic parameters" option on the sidebar.

2.Click on the "Dynamic parameters.." option on each one of the parameter dropdowns on the flow editor (it is always the last option).

In the Dynamic parameters modal you will have the ability to add, edit and delete dynamic parameters to the flow. Each dynamic parameter should be set with a name and an expected type of value (String, Number, or a Boolean).

Pay attention that if you already used a dynamic parameter there could be some limitations on editing or deleting it.

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