Adding Glassix Chat Widget Script to Your WiX website (Paid Version)

Note: If you're using WiX free version, please refer to the next article

1.       Login to and select the desired website

2.       Open “Site Actions” and select the “Edit Site” option

3.       Open “Settings” menu and select “Tracking & Analytics”

4.       Click the “+ New Tool” button and select “Custom”

5.       Configure the chat widget in our website

1.       Paste Glassix’s Jquery chat script

2.       Give your widget a friendly name

3.       Make sure it is configured to all pages

4.       Choose to place code in “Body – end”

5.       Click the “Apply” button

6.       Close “Tracking Tools & Analytics” pop-up

7.       Save & publish your website 😊

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